Specialized Equine Services
and Therapeutic Riding

Our Clients

Therapeutic Horseback Riding is a form of physical therapy for people who have a range of disabilities including physical, emotional, cognitive and social difficulties.

Horses provide a tool for physical therapy, emotional growth and cognitive improvement in a unique format that is fun, exhilarating and holds the potential to change a person's perspective on life!

In addition to the physical benefits derived from therapeutic riding, the contact with the animal is a powerful experience.  The strong bond that can develop between horses and people often has a profound, uplifting effect on those who are troubled or suffering.

Our Children/Adults/Veterans

To date we have provided over 10,000 therapy sessions to individuals with a variety of disabilities. Some of these disabilities include; autism, Down syndrome, visual and hearing loss, developmental and learning disabilities, anxiety, stress, PTSD, domestic violence, and drug abuse. For many, being with the horse and riding is the uplifting part of the week. Students truly look forward to their ride time each week.

Riding is more than just fun; it supports learning, mental development, speech, increases physical motor skills, develops muscles, and improves balance, flexibility and so much more.  We have seen student's progress from needing lots of support with balance to needing very little support while riding. Also we see students become verbal over time engaging in multiple word sentences and meaningful conversations with the instructor and volunteers